Schools in India did not resume yet, leaving children and families under pressure

As Elementary and Middle Schools remain closed during the pandemic in India, the children are given lessons in small groups at all EWM Children’s Homes

The school did not resume yet in India except for Colleges and Universities (even though it is not the case everywhere). At EWM Children’s Homes, Teachers and Staff are giving lessons to the children under EWM care, as the external students are not allowed to come in. The children come into the classrooms or main halls in the respect of Coronavirus guidance and wearing masks. Our focus is to help them in their studies, so they won’t lose their prior knowledge.

But for many children in rural villages, they have no other choice than to work to support their families who are struggling to survive. They are performing all kinds of jobs, most of them are dangerous for their health. It will be very difficult for them to get back to school. This terrible situation affects 200 million children in India. We value your prayers for the schools to reopen quickly.

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John Rajiah is a founder and president of ETERNAL WORD MINISTRIES which is reaching out and touching thousands of people across Asia with the precious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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