Children’s homes


EWM Children’s Homes started in June 1989 in a small hut. From that small beginning, the vision came to pass step by step. Today, we have 4 orphanages. Children come from different backgrounds. Hundreds of boys and girls have been rescued from a life on the streets, or from natural disasters. Many of them were deprived of daily necessities such as food, shelter and clothing. They now benefit by getting all that they need through EWM.

They receive a good education so they can come up in their future life and be a successful person in the society.

Many children were in hopeless situations. However, their situation has changed with the support of friends and partners of Eternal Word Ministries.

Remember, what you are doing make a difference in children’s lives. If you are not a sponsor, you can join us in bringing joy and hope for a hurting child.

With a sponsorship of £25/$30 per month, it will help us to feed, clothe, educate and take care of all the needs of a child. Remember, you will make a needy child’s life worth living. There are many children who need to know the love of God and the care you can bring to them.


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