Joy of Christmas

Christmas 2022:

Sharing the Joy of Christmas and Hope!

We are very appreciative of the support received from EWM Friends and Partners towards Christmas Shoe Box Program.

Each year, through the generosity of our friends and partners, Christmas gifts are distributed to all the children of EWM orphanages. The children perform dances and songs with great talent. There is always lot of fun, joy and noise! Moreover, in 2020 we offered for the first time Christmas gifts to disabled children and their families. It was a great time, very emotional. See in photo gallery below.

Your much-appreciated gift of £20/$25 (or more) will play an important part in bringing joy and hope into the lives of these underprivileged children. It will help us to give them a wonderful Christmas, and the opportunity to tell them how much God loves them.

Give with generosity this Christmas! Click on the button ‘donate’ below.

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Photo Gallery

We value your continue prayers and support for the precious children in the Homes.