Naomi Sisters’ Home

Naomi Sisters’ Home is created with a unique purpose: to help and support young girls and women who are suffering from different forms of violence and abuse.


They are abandoned or forsaken by their families, with no financial or other support. Eternal Word Ministries is committed to making its mark in a spiritual, emotional and physical sense in the lives of these women, letting them know that God loves them unconditionally. EWM provides these young girls and women with accommodation, food, medical care, counselling, training programmes and employment.

Naomi Sisters’ Home houses women in two Centers located in South India. Each woman that comes is welcomed and treated with respect and care. As residents in this 12 to 24 months recovery program, they find a safe environment, counselling, and educational enrichment. They also benefit tailoring course in EWM Sewing School at the same premise.


The women who arrive at Naomi Sisters Homes often have extremely difficult stories. They have been evicted or are fleeing domestic violence or human trafficking.

We start with the basics, food for the body and soul. Healthy and nutritious meals are offered three times a day. Everyday, the residents follow a daily program that includes:

  • Meeting after breakfast
  • Workshop activities
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Counseling and support with Leaders
  • Health and hygiene workshop
  • Evening meeting

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