Medical Camp

EWM organize free medical Camp. We invite people from villages to come and benefit through it.

The Camp starts at 11:00 am and finishes around 4:00 pm. We hire doctors and nurses and we provide free medicines to treat various diseases such as allergies, back, knee, joint pains, general weakness, hypertension, etc. Some patients are put on a drip, which supply them with glucose. Many children and adults are offered immunisation. EWM staff and leaders are actively involved in all aspects of this programme.

The people from the surrounding area are very grateful, and satisfied with the way the camp is conducted. We are able to reach so many people – Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and also show God’s love in action. We would like to conduct more of these Free Medical Camps in the future, and so we value your prayers and support as we reach out to more folk for the glory of God!


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