Rafael Mobile Eye Clinic

EWM fully-equipped eye clinic has a lot of success!

EWM have been working for many years in poor rural areas. During our various relief actions, we noticed lot of people were coming with eyesight problems, especially children. Cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes are the main causes of blindness, and the lack of Ophthalmologists and eye surgeons make it difficult for them to take care of their eyesight problems. In addition, poor people cannot afford to pay for a pair of spectacles for themselves or their children.

With the financial help of EWM Friends and Partners, we bought and furnished a Mobile Eye Clinic van, fully equipped: ‘Rafaël Mobile Eye Clinic’

A team of 5 medical staff will provide free primary eye examinations and dispense power glasses.This will be a tremendous ministry of showing love and compassion to the most vulnerable people in India.


People diagnosed with cataracts are given a prescription by our ophthalmologists to undergo surgery as soon as possible. We take them to the hospital with which we have a partnership. All costs are covered by the Association.

You can be a part of this wonderful programme with your support to cover the monthly expenses:
Monthly salary for 5 medical staff: £1300/$1500
Cost of glasses for 5 patients adults: £50/$60
Cost of glasses for 5 patients children: £30/$40

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