Distribution of emergency Relief aid

Distribution of emergency relief aid to the victims of the flood in Chennai.

EWM team has started the distribution of emergency relief aid including food and other materials, reaching 1500 families in two different places in Chennai. The team has to deliver the relief on makeshift boat to the population. 

Mats, pillows, blankets, packets of noodles, 5 kg rice for each family, biscuits, bread, milk powder and water packets were bought and distributed as well as warm meals. People are grateful and appreciative for the help they received. In the next few days, we are bringing more relief aid to worst hit areas. At this date, 640 people died and thousands are still homeless.

Please consider making a financial gift to help us to bring relief to more people affected by this tragedy. This program involves a considerable effort and additional expenses. We appreciate your love and concern. God bless you!

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The heavy rains that hit Chennai and suburban cities in the past few weeks left a trail of devastation. As the water slowly recede, everything is covered with mud, trash, dead animals….The water systems are damaged by the floodwaters, causing unavailable safe drinking water and expose thousands to water-borne diseases. It is feared that the number of casualties could be higher in the coming days.

There is a shortage of essential supplies like drinking water, milk, food, fresh vegetable, rice and fuel (because the petrol pumps were closed for safety reasons). The hospitals and hotels running nonstop with generators suffer now from shortages of diesel.

Now, the power supply is being restored little by little across Chennai. Chennai Airport and Southern Railways are now operating slowly.

In that desperate situation EWM wants to help those in need and bring relief materials such as mats, blankets, biscuits, water packets, milk, rice and other essential supplies. Help us to reach out to large number of victims of the flood. Please make a significant donation for those who urgently need it! Thank you!

Chennai: People help a man carry his two-wheeler on a cycle cart as they wade through a waterlogged subway in Chennai on Monday. Heavy rains continue to lash several parts of the city as the Meteorological Department alerted a cyclone warning on the Bay of Bengal coast. PTI Photo (PTI11_9_2015_000242A) Photo 9 Photo 10 Chennai: A waterlogged subway after heavy rains in Chennai on Monday. Heavy rains continue to lash several parts of the city as the Meteorological Department alerted a cyclone warning on the Bay of Bengal coast. PTI Photo (PTI11_9_2015_000245B)


Unprecedented torrential rains has battered Tamil Nadu’s northern districts such as Chennai and in suburban areas. The airport was closed Tuesday night because of waters inundated the runway. People living in low lying areas are evacuated. Schools and colleges are closed in the city, there are power cuts in many areas of Chennai. Internet and phone services are also affected due to the rains.

So far, 188 people have died.

EWM children’s homes located more in the South of Chennai are safe because the rain is not so heavy.

The weather office has forecast heavy rains for the next few days.  We value your prayers for the people affected by the flood, for the brothers and sisters and for our mission work.

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