The repairing work of the compound wall is achieved at Pudukkottai children’s home!

We thank our dear Friends and Partners who helped us generously to rebuild the compound wall that was destroyed last year during the cyclonic storm. We still have to finalize certain works in some remaining areas that were damaged and we believe it will be achieved by the end of this year.

Once a week, the children are practicing sporting activities like baseball, badminton, cricket etc. Now, we bought a tennis table. The children are so pleased with this new activity and they are learning very quickly how to play this new game. During their spare time, the children are playing tennis table or carom, a very popular Indian game.

Every month, we gather the children born in the same month to have a collective birthday party. During that exciting time, we offer birthday cakes, candies and small gifts. The children love it!

Water Purification Treatment System

Because of the severe drought in India, both ground and surface water sources face greater risks of contamination. To address the risks posed by this problem, we have to install drinking water purification plants in all of our Children’s homes. We did it in in our children’s home of Durugam. This method of purifying water treat the ground water very effectively and filter it of all impurities so the children can drink safe and clean water. We need 3 more drinking water purification plants. We value your prayers. Any financial support you could offer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all your love, prayer and help.