Distribution of emergency Relief aid

Distribution of emergency relief aid to the victims of the flood in Chennai.

EWM team has started the distribution of emergency relief aid including food and other materials, reaching 1500 families in two different places in Chennai. The team has to deliver the relief on makeshift boat to the population. 

Mats, pillows, blankets, packets of noodles, 5 kg rice for each family, biscuits, bread, milk powder and water packets were bought and distributed as well as warm meals. People are grateful and appreciative for the help they received. In the next few days, we are bringing more relief aid to worst hit areas. At this date, 640 people died and thousands are still homeless.

Please consider making a financial gift to help us to bring relief to more people affected by this tragedy. This program involves a considerable effort and additional expenses. We appreciate your love and concern. God bless you!

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