For now, the situation in Nepal is stalled. Our staff and Pastors of EWM branch churches are doing their best to help as much as possible the victims of the earthquake. It is very difficult to find safe drinking water and buy food in stores. In Kathmandu and villages around, thousands of people are sleeping outside under tents as their homes are unsafe to stay in. Life is difficult for everyone and it seems it will takes months to come back to normality.

We have decided to send a team from India to bring emergency relief for the children and the victims of nearby villages. Hopefully, they will reach Nepal within few days. We value your continue prayers for the people of Nepal.

If you or your church would like to help the EWM relief operation, please make a donation. Many thanks for your continued interest and support.

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John Rajiah is a founder and president of ETERNAL WORD MINISTRIES which is reaching out and touching thousands of people across Asia with the precious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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