Rekindle the desire to learn in children who have dropped out of school
during the pandemic.

Two years of Covid-19 has had devastating consequences for many children. They missed out months of learning and they have now significant setbacks in their learning. Governments of all countries have decided to close schools and universities to prevent the spread of the virus. Even in India, the schools were closed for a long period of time. The children were told to stay at home, and they did! In rural villages, the number of children who dropped out of school is drastic. It is very difficult to get them back to school. In one of the villages where EWM is working, a team of Teachers from Hanna School is going 5 days a week to teach children fundamental skills of literacy and numeracy. This program has started since the beginning of the year, and we see more and more children keen to learn. We supply the notebooks, pens and pencils, slates and chalks etc. To date, the results are encouraging and we hope to develop more EWM Tuition Centres in the future. We value your prayers for this project.

About JohnR

John Rajiah is a founder and president of ETERNAL WORD MINISTRIES which is reaching out and touching thousands of people across Asia with the precious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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