Bore Wells programme Announcement

The spread of Covid-19 has disrupted lives, economies and business in all the countries of the world. India and Nepal have been largely impacted by the consequences of the lockdown. Companies have to stop their activities until the end of the lockdown planned in the beginning of June. 

In consequence, our drilling bore wells programme was halted due to the lockdown. The drilling company we are hiring, the masons and plumbers could not come anymore to compel to the law. This is a difficult time for Eternal Word Ministries, and we don’t know when things will come back to normality. It is heartbreaking because we receive a lot of requests from several villages asking for help, but we cannot at this moment give a favorable answer.

For all of our Partners who have given to the drilling bore wells programme, please be reassured the donations are kept for this project. The work is resuming gradually. We believe you will understand the situation. Once the work is done, you will be informed. If you have changed your address or email address, please inform our Office. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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John Rajiah is a founder and president of ETERNAL WORD MINISTRIES which is reaching out and touching thousands of people across Asia with the precious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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