New uniforms for the students

We bought new school uniforms for the students of EWM Hanna School. The children were very happy to receive their new uniforms, free of charge for the families. They have started their second term already. Please pray for good success in their studies.


New School Year 2018!

We have distributed new school bags to the children of EWM orphanages. Children were very happy to receive this beautiful and useful school bag. We have bough 1000 pieces for all the children of EWM orphanages. We value your prayers for the good success of their studies.

Guests in India!

We had the joy of welcoming some of EWM Partners in the month of March. Our special guests from USA came for the first time in India. They were delighted to see the work of the Lord and enjoyed the presence of the children.

Our friends from Sweden came to visit the children’s home in West Bengal. The children were so delighted to see the mime ‘Nymo’ and laughted at his jokes!