EWM Team at work!


EWM team is counselling victims of the earthquake and offering prayers.



This road is completely blocked by a landslide that occurred after the quake. Our team is obliged to find another road access to the village.


Rehabilitation the houses partially destroyed by the quake.



Children were rescued by EWM relief team and they received treatments for their injuries. The quakes have caused psychological trauma on the children. Our team give counsels in order for them to come back to normal activities. Schools should re-open May 31.


117 people died after the second earthquake and over 2000 were injured. People still live under tents. The monsoon is coming in few weeks. It is urgent to provide accommodation to the homeless families.


Before the earthquake, drinking water was quite scarce in Kathmandu. But now the situation is getting worse. Days after the disaster, the price of bottled water doubled. Every day, our staff is giving fresh water to the children of EWM home in reasonable quantities.

Another major earthquake hit Nepal this Tuesday!

A magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck Nepal on this Tuesday near Mount Everest. At least 50 people have been killed and more than thousand injured. A number of buildings have collapsed. India reported 17 dead people, mainly in Bihar State. China reported one dead woman.

This new tragedy happened just two weeks after 8000 have died in a magnitude 7.8 quake. Once again, the population of Nepal found themselves rushing outside, looking for open space, scared and confused.

This latest quake did not affect EWM children’s home. The children and the staff are safe. As we said in our previous post, the children are staying outside and sleeping under a tent because of the many frequent aftershocks.

We value your continue prayers for EWM team. Not only they rescue and help the victims but they also share God’s love and the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We need your support more than ever in this situation.

More info and photos to follow in the next few days.


The recent earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25 brought lots of damages and many lives were lost. Thousands of people became homeless and a large number of children end up orphans after this great disaster. Our team split in different locations in the mountains to make a survey of the situation and evaluate the needs so we can provide an effective assistance to the victims of the earthquake.

At EWM children’s home, life gets smoothly organized. The children don’t go to school at the moment. We have established a daily routine to keep the children busy. Every evening, after a warm meal, the children pray together for the victims of the earthquake and for EWM partners. They sleep under the tent that we set up in the garden. Despite these conditions, the smiles of the children bring joy to us.

We value your prayers for EWM Nepal Relief Operation Team and for Nepal.


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