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A cyclonic storm caused great damages in our children’s home in Pudukkottai

A cyclonic storm ‘Gaja’ hit Tamil Nadu coast and inlands, early morning  on Friday 16thwith winds speed up to 120 mph. It brought heavy rains and the strong winds caused severe damages. Several deaths were reported. All the schools and colleges are closed and there is still power interruptions in many areas.

Our Children’s home at Pudukkottai was severely hit by the cyclone. The power of the wind carried away the metal sheets of the shed were our vehicles are parked. Also, the metal sheets covering the building of the showers and toilets as well as the laundry room on the top of Naomi Sisters Home building flew away or were destroyed. Parts of the compound wall were destroyed; many trees are unrooted. There are many more damages that we still need to survey.  

Children and staff were safe inside the main building during the cyclone. Everybody is doing well by the Grace of God. We praise Him for His divine protection upon our people and surrounding houses.  

The estimated cost of the damage caused by this disastrous cyclone is estimated around $25,000/£22,000. We value your prayers for a quick recovery of this situation. If you wish to make a donation, it would be greatly appreciated in this time of need. Click on the Donate page and put as remark ‘Cyclone Relief Project’.

Thanking you with all our heart for your love and concern.

New uniforms for the students

We bought new school uniforms for the students of EWM Hanna School. The children were very happy to receive their new uniforms, free of charge for the families. They have started their second term already. Please pray for good success in their studies.