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Special Request – Covid-19 Emergency Appeal

Dear Friends and Partners,

EWM serve some of the poorest and most vulnerable populations in India and Nepal and as you can imagine, they are the ones particularly affected during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since the lockdown in India many families are going through starvation because of no more possibility to get a daily job and earn some money. In this pandemic crisis, we want to help the poorest. We already fed hundreds of people by giving them prepackaged food or by bringing grocery parcels. Your special contribution of £10 or $10 will help us to supply one week grocery for one family and help them to survive until the end of the lockdown extended until 3rd of May.

You can send your donation by Paypal or to EWM bank account in your country and put as remark – Covid-19 Emergency Fund Appeal. Thank you once again for your love and compassion.

La Prière ! la réponse de l’Eglise contre le Covid-19 !

Nous vous remercions de vos prières pour l’ensemble des enfants, du personnel, des Pasteurs et églises des Ministères La Parole Eternelle en Inde et au Népal. Tout le monde va bien et nous remercions le Seigneur pour Sa divine protection. Nous prions aussi pour vous et vos familles en ces temps de confinement. Soyons prudents et restons vigilants dans la prière. Unis ensemble dans la Foi !

La prière fervente du Juste a une grande efficacité !
Publicité du Ministère de la Santé pour inciter la population à se laver les mains.
Une équipe du Ministère de la Santé est venue pour faire de la prévention et informer sur les principes de précaution contre la propagation du virus.

Praying together against the Covid-19

We value your continued prayers for everyone at EWM, children, Staff, Pastors, Churches and all the Beneficiaries. People are confined and compelled by the Indian Authorities to stay home until April 14. Everyone is doing well at EWM. We praise the Lord for His divine protection over us. We are also praying for you and your families. United in Faith!

Disease Prevention advertisement
Official from the Health Care Department came to one of our children’s home to show how to wash hands to prevent the spread of the virus.
Praying for all EWM Friends and Partners and for the nations of the world.